Second Perception

by Ishmael

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released August 15, 2014




Ishmael Appleton, Wisconsin

Ishmael is a three-piece Black Metal band from Appleton, Wisconsin that uses their music to incite gnosis through radical changes in mental states.

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Track Name: I
bowed to infinity – beneath black shroud

no face, no words

a vibrating wave of consciousness –
light and shadow

pulsing like the fluid beneath my ribs

it burns like my flesh and bone

a listless rage – a vengeful suicide – ego death

without pain – dematerialize – spiraling universes
a vacuous reflection – strung in sync

contemplate your worth

forgotten values entrenched in selfishness

buried beneath – exhume yourself

your hands grip the dirt
Track Name: II
We are one species amongst many;
our roots bound - an equal exchange in nature.

Human ignorance and profit
- pride in contradiction.

Resplendent sieve.
We trade blood for value.

This privilege is finite;
our parasitic existence will end.
Embrace the collapse of civilization.

A system based on destruction
and exploitation cannot be reformed.

Our fates -- inseparable.

We will not tolerate this patriarchy.
Refuse to cooperate.
Set fire to their mutant fields.
Wrench their death machines.

In defense of Mother Earth -
No Compromise!
Track Name: III
We are born into crisis - thrown into the fire.
What defines peace?
Where is equality?
Obstacles of doubt set on our infinite path.
Elaborate hierarchies bound in slavery.

Endless struggle; no future in sight, no past to reference.
Infantile empathy, contemporary ego -
we plant gardens of daises veiled in false-hope.

No more pacifists!

Track Name: IV
orwell’s time ends with us -

god’s gift to the marginalized 
starving from a moral violence; 
equality in blood and flesh alone

we destroy ourselves for a mad world;

masqueraders of compassion

Ignited by the big-bang of biochemistry,

the spark of consciousness removes 
the shroud of human experience

perceptions changed through 
clear malevolence –
turning persons into things - 

objects to be exploited

assimilate or die -
parish beneath their benevolence

false charity – false security – adaptation